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Let’s be real. Keeping plants alive isn’t intuitive.

They’re pretty good at not providing the vocal feedback that would otherwise help us understand they’re sick, dirty, hungry, cold or uncomfortable — they just die. Despite the thousands of free resources online, do you keep on making the same frustrating loop between the plant store and the trash bin?

E-commerce for plants is still pretty limited.

It’s unlikely your neighborhood plant store is online. Shipping plants from across your state, or from another country is expensive and often disappointing. Because plants are both fragile and perishable, very few varieties can make the transport by post in one piece.


Our solution.

Affordable plant care for people and businesses.

Book a horticulturist in your city for personalized indoor plant care. Our Plant Specialists are carefully vetted, speak your language and love to get their hands dirty repotting, fertilizing, watering and nurturing your sick plants back to health. We’ll come by your home or office and tackle all your plant problems, on-demand.


The online shop for local plant stores.

We’re the digital storefront for independent plant stores. Browse, search and discover your next favorite plant from the comfort of your home.

Simplifying plant care and plant selection.

Plant Selection


At-home consultation with a horticulturist, available in Berlin, Paris, London, San Francisco and New York City. We will make your plant shopping list, based on your unique space, goals and budget.

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Plant Care

from €28.90

At-home consultation with a horticulturist, available in Berlin, Paris, London, San Francisco and New York City. Our Plant Experts will assess the health, placement, temperature conditions, watering schedule, soil quality and pot size of all your indoor plants.

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Virtual Plant Care

from €13.80

Video consultation with a horticulturist, available for plant owners aross in Europe and North America. Get your plants assessed via video to ensure proper care and troubleshoot any issues, such as pest and disease.

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