We envision a world filled with green indoor spaces.

Plant care is self care.

We believe that with the right knowledge, services and products, anyone can live a healthier, greener life indoors.


Our Story and Mission

Deborah Choi came up with the idea for horticure when trying to fill her flat with beautiful plants — and, very importantly, keep them alive.

After spending a few weekends searching across several plant stores for specific plants, lugging soil and heavy pots on trains and in taxis, setting the plants up in her home and then (like many busy people) traveling and (like many beginners) over- and under-watering . . . the indoor jungle quickly became the indoor plant cemetery.
She believed there could be a better way for busy people and ‘beginners’ alike to become successful plant parents. The concept was simple: bridging plant owners with qualified and friendly horticulturists to support across any issue affecting their plants, with the aid of technology.

Image Credit Katja Hentschel

“We aim to provide the knowledge, services and products that enable everyone to live a healthier, greener life indoors.”

— Deborah Choi


Do you have a passion for plants?

horticure is hiring remote and city-based horticulturists across Europe and the US. A horticure Plant Specialist is the face of the brand. Our clients rely on our team’s expertise to trouble shoot their plants, assist with repotting, propagation, fertilization and pest control, and help them become confident plant parents. Take a look at our role description and apply today.

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