Virtual Plant Care

Virtual Plant Care

from 15.20

Book 15, 30 or 60 minutes for a virtual plant care or plant selection appointment with our Plant Specialists.

During your virtual appointment, a Plant Specialist will assess your plants to ensure proper care and troubleshoot any issues, such as pest and disease. We will leave you with tips for further care — this virtual service is great for individuals who would like a little guidance on their own way to developing a greener thumb, are short on time, or are not living in areas where horticure provides in-person services.

This virtual service is available for plant owners anywhere in Europe and North America, and requires steady Internet connection.

Our Virtual Plant Care Service Includes:

  • Guidance on a plant watering schedule

  • Re-potting and fertilization tips

  • Disease and pest identification

  • Troubleshooting root rot issues

  • Guidance on toxic plants (for pets and children)

  • Plant Identification and optimal room placement

  • Plant Selection recommendations

Help! Which duration should I book?

  • 15 Minutes: Less than 5 Plants

  • 30 Minutes: 5 to 15 Plants

  • 60 Minutes: 15+ Plants, and/or Plant Selection support

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