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The platform for plants and plant care.

Personalized, weekly plant care support wherever you are.


Your plants need weekly attention. We give you weekly support.

horticure+ is human-powered, 24/7 messaging support from vetted horticulturists. Receive non-intrusive, batched weekly and seasonal plant reminders for your watering, re-potting and fertilization. Members-only discounts on care appointments and merchandise available from horticure and our partners. First access to events and focused webinars, and a welcome gift sent to you after 3 months.

Never over- or under-water your plants again, with a monthly concierge subscription that you can cancel anytime.

Your benefits with horticure+


First month is €5.

Then, for only €15 each month, gain expert advice tailored to you and your plants, join a global community of plant enthusiasts, unlock discounts on innovative products and access hard-to-source plants. Our mission is to provide the knowledge, services and products that enable everyone to live a healthier, greener life indoors. Let’s get started.


We keep your plants happy.

500+ plant owners across the US and Europe have decided to approach things differently with a little help from horticure.